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Hey @everyone As you begin your journey into prepping, you will undoubtedly run across many people who focus on just one or two aspects of preparation. Those you meet may choose to focus on primitive survival skills, food stores, gardening, or weapon stockpiles. Some do quite well in acquiring goods by methods of extreme couponing, or repurposing used items. There are also those who prepare with just the knowledge, and little as far as actual supplies.

Diverse Communities Thrive

When working with those around you, remember that the most successful communities are diverse. You may have a few members that are more militaristic, a couple that have farmed their entire lives, hunters, fishermen, construction people, mechanics. All of these people bring with them skills to help survive a long term disaster. If they too are preppers, and you have come to know them over the months or years leading up to the scenario, then you know they likely have at least some supplies with them as well.

Prepare your mind first

We prepare for the worst case scenarios, but how many have considered losing everything that we have prepared with? If the worst happens, and your food storage (any storage) has been destroyed, you get separated from your family, the only supplies you have are the clothes on your back, and one boot because you had to leave in a hurry. What then? If you approach a community, what are you bringing with you? Hopefully you have learned enough in your time prepping that you can survive on your own. If so, then you have acquired at least enough knowledge to help others survive as well.

Knowledge is prep-worthy

Some people who you would come across in a scenario may be thought to bring nothing to the group except another warm body (and mouth to feed in some eyes). Always consider that they may bring the knowledge to help teach others how to survive, children to read, garden, etc. Who knows, they could save your entire community with nothing but their offering of work, knowledge, and will to survive.

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