About Us:

The Arkansas Prepper Network was founded in 2009 by like-minded individuals who wanted to be prepared for any scenario, from natural disasters to man-made ones.

After a few years, the ideas of how to accomplish those goals differed between members and founders alike, so the founders went their separate ways to pursue and practice specialties they gravitated towards.

We have since learned this was a mistake.

Specialties are great, but having a community that is diverse in many skillsets, is even better.

The original founders have now reunited and combined our efforts with a new mission.

Our Mission:

Our Network’s new mission is to bring ALL Arkansas-based groups together, no matter your specialty.

Prepping, Homesteading, Defense, and Bushcraft groups are all welcome, as well as other niche groups, MAGs, and teams. 

Now is the time for UNITY in Arkansas. Are you ready?

Outside of bringing these groups together in order to offer an information network and central communication hub, our Network’s intent is to help teach the public ways to be prepared for multiple scenarios, and eliminate the stigma associated with the word ‘Prepper’.

Everyone can learn how to be prepared for multiple things, and the knowledge is free.

If you are a member, or leadership of a group, know that we offer a dialog between other groups. We are not here to impose rules or guidelines upon you. We offer a conduit of information sharing and communication between the various groups.

In our local areas, our founders’ groups help when the need arises. Anything from natural disasters (tornados, floods, fire, etc) to occasional man-made disasters (job loss, civil unrest, etc), and even help boost local law enforcement numbers when requested.

We do not, in fact, wear tin-foil hats. Well… most of us anyway.

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